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ALCOA Corporate Center


The ALCOA Corporate Center is located along the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and possesses commanding views of Downtown Pittsburgh and the Allegheny River valley. To respect the river when preparing the riverfront design, EPD adopted a “net zero gain” approach to managing the site’s floodway. Moreover, pedestrian access diagrams and landscape designs were developed to maintain the site’s flood capacity and achieve universal accessibility. As a result, a network of viewing terraces and sloping sidewalks permit pedestrians and bicyclist to move unimpeded throughout the site.

The overall design reinforces the site’s heritage by integrating a simple palette of durable, low maintenance and contextual materials. Sidewalks and stairways are surfaced with rustic terrazzo and exposed aggregate concrete. The retaining and seat wall system is clad with rusticated sandstone. Colors and textures of the sandstone were selected to visually integrate the riverfront, site improvements and adjacent historic river bridge piers.

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