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Charles E. Kelly Facility

EPD lead a Project Team which prepared the United States Army Facility Re-Use Plan for the Charles E. Kelly Support Facility. The facility, consisting of multiple properties situated in Neville and Collier Townships, Pennsylvania, was being disposed of by the US Army as part of the federal BRAC process. EPD's planning efforts used detailed analyses and extensive community outreach to develop a concise, strategic and realistic set of illustrative and written recommendations for each of the properties.

The EPD Project Team completed a site conditions analysis, a market feasibility study and community zoning analysis. Following this work, the EPD Project Team developed a series of conceptual alternatives for consideration by the Kelly Center Local Redevelopment Authority (KCLRA). EPD and its Team members worked with KCLRA, the facility's key stakeholders and the general public to determine a preferred alternative for each site and prepared a feasibility assessment per BRAC policy. The Re-Use Plan has been adopted by both Collier and Neville Townships. The Collier Township properties have been transferred from federal ownership through a public conveyance. The Neville Township properties are expected to be transferred to the private-sector through a separate conveyance.

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