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Erie Bayfront Place

As part of a multi-disciplinary consultant team, EP&D lead the conceptual master planning effort for a 12-acre Act 2 brownfield site on the shore of Presque Isle Bay and adjacent to the Erie County Bayfront Convention Center. The site is the last remaining development site on the Bay and is viewed by the public as the “last opportunity” to gain additional public access and to expand the community’s tax base.

In addition to completing site and market analyses, EP&D developed an extensive public engagement process that included a project website, online surveys and mobile kiosks to educate residents and to solicit their opinions on their vision of the site’s future re-use. The process included an on-line based public surveys/polling, meetings with over 60 stakeholders and attendance at popular community events held throughout Erie County. The resulting Concept Plan anticipates nearly 100 residences, 50,000 square feet of commercial development, a 200-room hotel, a multi-level parking structure and the key features of the plan - a 25,000 square foot public market house and a 2-acre waterfront park.

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