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Grant Street

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The City of Pittsburgh commissioned EPD to prepare a project addressing the renovation, landscape design, integration of public works amenities and improvement of Grant Street. EPD began the project with the development of citywide design standards, using Grant Street as a model for the entire Downtown area.

Specific design standards included: lighting specification and location; terrazzo and brick specifications for sidewalks; median island/granite planter design and location; plant selection and irrigation system design; and coordination with traffic signalization, mid-block overhead lane control structures and foundation locations. Detail revisions and coordination were necessary due to modifications encountered during construction of the thoroughfare and new project construction occurring adjacent to the roadway. These revisions included road alignment, curb line and intersection adjustments.

In 2012, the American Planning Association named Grant Street as one of America's 10 great streets. Click here to view the announcment published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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