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Hot Metal Bridge Connector Trail

The Hot Metal Bridge Connector Trail is an approximately 320’ long segment of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. EPD’s design celebrates the remnants of the site’s industrial past including the adaptive re-use of a historic bridge pier as an overlook. A switchback ramp to the Hot Metal Pedestrian Bridge connects the trail to the Eliza Furnace Trail and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail which provides regional pedestrian and bicycle access. Construction materials include exposed aggregate concrete, granite, sandstone and aluminum.

A key interpretive design feature is the Siding. The Siding mimics the historic rail siding that was located along the site’s riverfront and includes signage to tell the story of the site’s past. The Siding was also used to manage the trail's storm water run-off. The landscape feature includes a bio-swale which is a creative way of dealing with storm water that is needed to treat and cool run-off without allowing rapid absorption into the soil and compromising PA DEP policies. The bio-swale, consisting largely of engineered soil, is heavily planted with native warm season grasses and woodland tree species.

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