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Mechanicsburg Development Policies

The Borough of Mechanicsburg, population 9,000, has a rich architectural and community heritage. Faced with decaying infrastructure, reduced railway-oriented industry and changing population demographics, the Borough hired EPD to assist in rejuvenating the historic urban community by amending its myriad of development policies. The 2007 Comprehensive Plan, titled “Making Connections,” includes a future land use plan and planning recommendations based on extensive community input and real estate market analysis. "Making Connections" also outlined a series of recommendations that focused on the comprehensive revision of the Borough's Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision/Land Development Ordinance.

In 2008, EPD began to update the Zoning and Subdivision/Land Development Ordinances. The Zoning Ordinance update created a Mixed Use Zoning District that uses context-sensitive design provisions to accommodate changing land use patterns and celebrates the community’s historic building stock. The Pennsylvania chapter of the American Planning Association awarded the Borough with its Implementation Award in 2011 as a result of the community coordinated and comprehensive planning efforts.

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