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Mellon Square

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Mellon Square was designed in 1955 by EPD’s founding partner, John Simonds, in collaboration with the Pittsburgh architecture firm of Mitchell & Ritchey. Mellon Square has received several acknowledgements over the years. Most recently in 2008, it was recognized as one of the ten Great Public Spaces in America by the American Planning Association. In 1999, it received the American Society of Landscape Architects’ Centennial Medallion as one of the United States’ 100 Best Parks of the 20th Century. Mellon Square is also part of the Downtown Pittsburgh Historic District and received National Register of Historic Places status in 1985.

After almost 30 decades of intensive use, EPD was commissioned to prepare a study for Mellon Square’s next quarter century. Subsequently, EPD led a Project Team in the Plaza’s restoration and maintenance. Mellon Square, shaded by rows of trees, provides a pleasant mixture of sunny and shady areas that make the park usable in all seasons. Mellon Square is consistently viewed as one of the favorite outdoor spots in Downtown Pittsburgh.

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