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Mount Lebanon Comprehensive Plan

Environmental Planning and Design, LLC (EP&D) was retained by the Municipality of Mt. Lebanon to serve as its prime consultant for the updating of its Comprehensive Plan.  The Plan was developed as the policy guide to shape redevelopment acivities and to focus on key administrative functions/operations within the Municipality. Consequently, the Plan is grounded on the following principles:

  • Creating a realistic and cost-effective plan;
  • Continuing the Municipality's reputation as one of Pittsburgh's most desirable communities;
  • Identifying logical implementation phases to allow residents and leaders to reach their goals; and 
  • Addressing mobility, congestion and connectivity issues associated with regional traffic corridors.

The public consensus building process was key components of this Plan.  Within the project’s first two months, more than 600 households were directly engaged in the planning process through civic outreach. From open house events to ‘walkshops’ to commuter meet-and-greets at the light rail station to resident updates at local coffeeshops, Mt. Lebanon’s 30,000 residents and 300 businesses were asked to share and discuss their insights about the Municipality and to help to elevate the future of Mt. Lebanon.

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