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Oakmont Mixed Use District

Oakmont Borough’s 6,900 residents enjoy quaint neighborhoods, an abundance of historic homes and a two-mile long riverfront. EP&D first developed Oakmont's Comprehensive Plan, adopted in the Spring of 2011, and introduced planning concepts that embraced past patterns and encouraged compatible neighborhood infill.  The key concepts focused on land use issues, connectivity, parking and riverfront development opportunities, particularly the 65-acre site of the former Edgewater Steel plant. 

EPD subsequently prepared a form-based Traditional Neighborhood Development-Oriented (mixed-use) Ordinance to address issues applicable to the redevelopment area of the Edgewater Steel plant. The Ordinance outlined requirements for bulk, density, land use, size and organization of blocks and lots; general land use; relationships of buildings and parking areas; streets and alleys; sidewalks; setbacks; lot sizes; porches, stoops and balconies; and screening and service. The first area of housing development has begun and thus far has proven to be one the Pittsburgh's most desirable neighborhoods. This neighborhood known as the River's Edge of Oakmont, is the first LEED ND certified neighborhood to be constructed in western Pennsylvania. A second neighborhood, named Edgewater at Oakmont, is currently working with the taxing bodies to establish a TIF district and anticipates its first phase of development to commence in the Spring of 2013.

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