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Palm Coast

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Palm Coast is a 42,000-acre master planned community in northeast Florida. At build-out, in the mid 21st century, Palm Coast is expected to support nearly 80,000 dwelling units, 90,000 jobs and a quarter of a million people. EPD lead a team of professionals who were responsible for the preparation of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) for Palm Coast. The CLUP sets the growth management framework within which development can occur. This five volume land planning document regulates transportation capacities, infrastructure availability, public facilities and natural resources, so that the overall Palm Coast community is balanced in support of its population.

The natural resource inventory of Palm Coast included comprehensive studies of soils, topography and geological features; wetlands, flood plains, surface and ground water; vegetation; wildlife; and cultural and historical resources. Based on the findings of this analysis, a contiguous system of “sensitive lands” was developed for the community and was prioritized into conservation and preservation areas.

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