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Sewickley Valley Region

The eleven communities of the Quaker Valley School District have recently formed a Planning Group and hired EP&D to prepare a visioning and economic impact study for the Sewickley Valley region. This initiative focused on optimizing the use of available resources and identifying opportunities for improving the region's economic development and quality of life aspects through multi-municipal cooperative efforts.

The first phase of the project entails the compilation of a regional database regarding public services and revenues, civic amenities and housing and the development of an extensive integrated GIS mapping system. The major conclusions of the study were the consolidation of private sanitary sewer systems and the management of future growth based on the protection of the regional's steep hillsides. The second phase of the project was the development of a Rivers Conservation Plan. The Rivers Conservation Plan establishes a series of inter-connected greenways and suggests the development of a series of bike routes, equestrian trails and public water access points along the Ohio River.

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