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Southern Alleghenies Greenways

EPD worked with a Greenways Committee composed of 6 County Planning Directors, DCNR officials and representatives of Southern Alleghenies Planning & Development Commission (SAP&DC) to prepare a six-county regional greenways plan and implementation toolbox. EPD facilitated a multi-layered participation process that included key stakeholders, focus groups and several public sessions. Initial work tasks included compiling existing GIS and demographic data for each county to create a series of maps depicting the region’s “green” and “gray” infrastructure. Criteria modeled within the project’s GIS database evaluates corridor opportunities associated with riparian buffers, ridgelines, floodplains, trails, slopes, utility corridors, abandoned railroads and on-road bike routes/scenic roads. Moreover, a series of nodes were planned as human destinations and wildlife/vegetative habitats. More than 30 greenway corridors were delineated. These corridors serve two functions: recreation and preservation. Recreation corridors provide human access and interconnect nodes. Preservation corridors are identified to interconnect habitats with minimal human access.

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