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SouthSide Works

EPD is the principal master planner and Landscape Architect of Record for the Soffer Organization’s SouthSide Works development located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The SouthSide Works project, the redevelopment of a 130-acre brownfield site located along the Monongahela River, anticipates nearly 1.3 million square feet of non-residential development, more than 500 new residential units and includes nearly 2-miles of public streets. A key element of the project is the interconnected network streetscapes, squares and parklets. The most important principles guiding the resulting design was the need for the new street and sidewalk network to be an extension of the surrounding street grid and to accommodate cafes and an elevated level of pedestrian activity.

In addition to the master planning activities, EPD has also been instrumental in the detailed design and construction of much of the SouthSide Works' public realm and buildings including the headquarters of American Eagle, an international clothier. SouthSide Works was an Urban Land Institute Award for Excellence finalist in 2002 and has been highlighted in numerous development-related publications.

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