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EP&D was retained by Campus Neighborhoods Revitalization Corporation (CNRC) with the support of the City of Morgantown and West Virginia University (WVU) to complete a Comprehensive Revitalization Plan for Morgantown, West Virginia’s 130-acre Sunnyside neighborhood. Located near downtown Morgantown and the WVU campus, Sunnyside is a convenient residential location that is home to 15% of WVU’s student population and 10% of Morgantown’s overall population. Infrastructure and housing stock has deteriorated over time causing the City of Morgantown to designate Sunnyside as a blighted district in 2003.

The Comprehensive Revitalization Plan outlined a series of development improvements, identified key locations for redevelopment and recommended zoning changes and transportation/transit upgrades. EPD remains active in the planning and development process by assisting CNRC re-evaluate the plan and priorities on an annual basis. To date, the Comprehensive Revitalization Plan has led to more than $20 million of new investment within the neighborhood.

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